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UQ Innovation Leadership seminar

Introduction and Welcome by His Excellency Mr Robert Fergusson, Australian Ambassador to Chile and Mr Rongyu Li, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement), The University of Queensland


Building an Innovative Business Strategy for Sustainability

Professor Andrew Griffiths – Executive Dean, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Achieving corporate sustainability and the impact climate change will have on corporations and business
is a challenge that will increasingly occupy the attention of senior executive teams and key stakeholders of 21st
century organisations. Driven by shifting government and stakeholder awareness of climate issues, achieving corporate sustainability has become a key issue.

Much of the debate on climate change concentrates on the negative impacts of adaptation on economies, communities and the environment, and the role that governments should play in the process. Recent research from the UQ Business School shows that companies large and small are finding innovative and unique responses to the challenges of broader issues of sustainability and climate change.

Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector

Professor Michael Bruenig – Head of School of Information

Technology and Electrical EngineeringThe energy sector worldwide is going through a digital transformation that will significantly increase our understanding of energy networks and consumer behaviour. However, new challenges emerge, including protecting digital infrastructure and privacy considerations for household data.

The seminar will highlight current work at The University of Queensland and its collaboration with industry partners
to showcase how the university is planning to use its own campus as a large scale testbed for education and research



Innovation for Responsible Resource

Professor Neville Plint – Director, Sustainable Minerals Institute

The resources sector is changing at an unprecedented rate. There is an increasing demand for metals to support a global transition to a low-carbon future and modern digital lifestyle; as well as, societal demands for zero harm to employees, communities and the environment.

The Sustainable Minerals Institute has initiated five transdisciplinary programs to examine future issues facing
the industry: security of supply, tailings and closure, mining 4.0, governance, and future workforce


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UQ Innovation Leadership Seminar
Innovación para Desarrollo Responsable de Recursos Mineros